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Here's what Catholic singles like you are saying about CSN:
"I must say I've been impressed with the ladies I've had the pleasure to meet through CSN thus far. they've been bright and pretty and stable, for the most part. Because Catholics as a whole (if I may generalize) are not superficial, it can be harder to find a "soul mate" but when you do, it's probably the real deal I have not met mine yet, but hope springs eternal and I'm certainly glad CSN is there for us!"
"Thanks for putting together and building a great program. I really appreciate it as a service for Catholics who are trying to make new connections."
San Francisco
"Through CSN, I've met Catholic men from four different parishes in nearby towns, and they've all been fun, interesting guys."
Wendy Morgan, Graphic Artist
Holy Family Catholic Church
"I like the idea of meeting women who I know are Catholic and have good values. When you go to the bars, you don't know what type of people you're going to meet. All of the CSN women have been cool people and considerate."
Glenn Mitchell, Account Rep
Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church
"I've always thought about how nice it would be to go to Mass with a guy I'm dating. I'm glad CSN is encouraging that."
Donna Schott, Industrial Hygenist
St. Cecilia's Catholic Church
"My husband, and I met via CSN in Jan 1999. We both joined for the same reasons.....because LA is a very difficult city to meet people, especially if you are not in "the industry" and have no interest in "the industry". We both wanted to meet someone we could potentially have a committed relationship with and found that we had similar values. That was important. We were very fortunate to meet each other. We were engaged in March 2000 and married in June 2001. We had our first baby in June 2003."
Los Angeles
"I got married last month thanks to CSN. I met my wife, Jennifer, at a CSN rotational dinner in Foster City back in March of 2002."
Menlo Park
"I just wanted to relay some happy news. I joined CSN in Los Angeles in 1999. I met Greg in December 1999. Greg proposed to me in September of this year and we are engaged to be married. Our wedding is scheduled for April 23, 2005. I just wanted to say thank you for your service. We never would have found each other had it not been for you."
Los Angeles
"Continue to encourage members to meet. Although membrs may not have a lot in common, the one thing we do have in common is that we're Catholic and we desire to meet people. You never know what doors can open from getting to know someone a little better. For example, I needed a plubmer recently, and the brother of my monthly introduction had a plumbing business."
"I was with CSN in the past and have nothing but good things to say about it. While I was not serious in finding someone when I joined in 1999, I told myself that when the time came to make the search for a special someone almost a mission, without a doubt, with a 100% conviction, I'd find him via CSN."
San Diego
"I recently attended my 1st event (1/29/2005) Just wanted to THank you for hosting an eventful dinner. I met a super nice man at this event and we are dating at this time. We have so much in common and things are looking up for me. He is my angel from heaven. He's the BEST. Again, Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Catholic Singles Network.. "
San Leandro
"I just wanted to share with you that Robert and myself, Laura met at the rotational dinner in Milpitas and are getting married! People cannot believe the story of how we met and are constantly asking for more information about the CSN. Thank you and I wish CSN many blessings. "
Pacific Grove
"In December 2000, we were introduced to each other through Catholic Singles Network. On June 27, 2003 I proposed to Katrine and on June 4'th, 2005, we were married. I had been in Catholic Singles Network for over 2 years, Katrine 2 months, when we met. Thank you to Catholic Singles Network for bringing us together. We are so happy."
orignally Torrance (now Albuquerque, NM)
"Laura and I were members of CSN in 2001. We have been dating since then and are getting married this August. We wanted to thank Scott R. and CSN for introducing us. We are grateful and extremely happy. "
Robert , -----
Orange County
"I am engaged to marry one of your members, Mark. I met Mark a year ago in August at the Pleasonton dinner dance, and we have been dating ever since. We recently became engaged! Thank you for your kind services and assistance in helping me meet so many nice people. I feel even more blessed to have met the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you most sincerely. "
"I recently got engaged to my CSN match, Steve. We are extremely excited about this good news, and we wish to thank you for bringing us together. Please remove our profiles from your website. Many thanks again!"
San Leandro
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